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Southwood Veterniary Clinic is soon to be offering Grooming!

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Southwood is currently in the process of renovating to include a Grooming Shop, as well as add on additional boarding kennels to the facility. Plans are to have the grooming shop opened and ready for business in mid July 2013. Currently there is a standing call back list for clients interested in receiving conformation of the opening date. If you have a pet who needs to be groomed, give us a call and we will let you know when we’re open!


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Southwood would like to welcome new Veterinarian Dr. Kerri Nelson to the clinic!swvlogo2

Her keen observational skills and compassionate nature are a wonderful addition in both our Large Animal and Small Animal areas; we are excited to have her with us!


Southwood would like to welcome new Veterinary Technician Jamison Boehler to the clinic!

His versatile background and kind-hearted nature is an asset to our practice. Jamison assists with large animals in the clinic and on farm calls, but is equally at ease caring for the tiniest kitten.


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Kittens1    World Spay Day    Puppies waterbowl

Southwood’s Annual Spay Week is just around the corner! It will be held at the Carrington Satellite Clinic from March 4th through March 8th, and at the Jamestown clinic from march 18th to March 22nd.


Spay week is sponsered by the James River Human Society in association with the Doris Day Spay Day USA campaign. Discounts and coupons are provided fro routine Spay and Neuter Procedures for dogs and cats to help bring awarenesss to the very real issue of pet overpopulation, as well as to help decrease pet overpopulation locally by encouraging owners to spay and neuter their pets.


Appointment availability is limited so please call either of our locations to schedule your pet for their Spay or Neuter Procedure today!


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Several of our recent interns are applying to Veterinary Schools.

Katie and Sam we wish you the best of luck! They don’t really need luck though, as both of these women have proven themselves as caring and competent in the veterinary field. We feel whatever schools they choose will find them a strong addition to their Veterinary Medicine Program!

Small Animals and Traveling

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Spring and summer are “frequent travel months” for families and their compainion animals. With this in mind we at Southwood would like to remind our clients that preparation is the best preventative available!

While you’re traveling with small animals here are the things to always keep in mind:Dog1

– Always bring water and appropriate dishes for your pets. Some of our favorites at Southwood are Collapsible Bowls and the ever popular canine water bottle.

– Animals tend to travel best on an empty stomach, esecially if they’re prone to motion sickness! Do not feed your pet within 4 hours of traveling with them, and if your’re making a very long trip feed them minimal amounts and give them about an hour before getting back in the car and heading out on the open road.

– While your pet should always have a collar or harness on with their ID and Rabies tags attached to them, we also recommend bringing a copplete health care record for them. In the case of an unexpected emergency it is necessary to know:

   * Who your pet is

     * How old your pet is

     * Of they’re vaccinated

     * Whether they are intact or spayed/neutered

     * If your pet has any medical conditions or is on medication

     * And last but not least to ahve an Emergency Contact for your pets and for your family


At Southwood we are more than happy to supply you with a copy of your complete medical records for your pets, and recommend using a binder or sheet protector to store them in.