Our groomers Nikki and Kim have years of experience in the Pet Care industry. They strive to always put their client (the pet) first. From the health of their nails, to the luster of their coats they strive to aide customers with their pets specific skin and coat needs. Feel free to call or stop in and meet them! Nikki and Kim will happily assist you in forming the best, all inclusive grooming for your individual pet and their needs.

Our primary products used are from Quadruped Pet Care. The shampoos and conditioners used are all natural, safe for puppies and kittens, and powerful enough for the dirtiest of dogs. We also carry a small selection of products for sale in the clinic, and can always custom order them based on the pet’s specific needs. We do also offer a unscented hypo allergenic shampoo if pets or their people have allergies to fragrance.

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For the health of all the patients and guests in our hospital, we require all our grooming guests to be current on vaccinations:

Distemper, Rabies, Kennel Cough (dogs).